Maria Coyle Sculptor

My contemporary figurative pieces are inspired by the beauty of the female form, and the emotive relationships of mother & child, lovers, and multiple children.

In addition to my sculptures being acquired for innumerable private homes and gardens both nationally and internationally, I have significant experience working with Landscape Designers, Architects and Interior Designers, creating unique pieces for corporate spaces, gardens and interiors, and am happy to undertake commissions large or small. My sculptures feature in many corporate foyers, hotels, hospitals, schools and vineyards throughout Australia.

Ceramic Sculpture

A ceramic sculpture may take up to 10 weeks to complete. Designed on paper, then handbuilt as a hollow construction over several days to allow for stability, the piece is then rested for some days before the final form and details are carved into it and any necessary additions made. The work is dried slowly for some weeks before being bisque fired carefully for 24 hours to avoid cracking, then glazed and refired for a further 24 hours. It takes 2 days for the kiln to cool and the work is ready to come out and be finished off – multiple sections are joined and the piece is fixed to a base if required.

My ceramic sculptures are often fired many times to manipulate the multiple glazes I use to produce unique surface effects and textures.

Limestone Sculpture

The limestone I use is mined at Mount Gambier S.A. and is millions of years old. The stone is carved using an angle grinder, electric drill, hammer & chisel, files and rasps. The stone sculptures are sealed for protection, however being organic, they will weather and discolour attractively when sited outdoors – if this is not desirable it is easily washed off with chlorine and water. The size and shape of the stone dictates the final design, however pieces can be ‘laminated’ together or made in multiples.

To Contact Maria phone (03) 5472 3235 or 0412-966-194
or email gmcoyle@ozemail.com.au

Or visit her Studio & Sculpture Garden
22 Broad Road (Off Stephen St.)
Campbells Creek (3 kms from Castlemaine)
Vic. 3451

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